Black and White

The lack of color in art can provide can provide a greater understanding of art.

Black and white images provide us with a reduced view. This absence of saturation shows us the true message, without the distraction and influence of colors. Logos are initially designed in black and white to better understand their identity. Color is usually added afterwards as icing on the cake.

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Crystal Wings
Crystal Wings - Pen & Ink, 8.5 X 11 JAN 2005 -I know the signature says JAN 2004 but it was actually started in NOV 2004 and finished in JAN 2005 the following year. Ooops.
Reel to Unreal
Reel to Unreal - Ink, 14 X 14 -A maze of tape and a bit of a throw back to the 70's.
Surviving Dead
Surviving Dead Inspired by H.R. Giger, this piece is a tribute to those who live near Chernobyl.
Sharp tooth warrior
Sharp tooth warrior - Pencil, 14 X 20 Sep 2005 -He is called sharp tooth warrior because of his belt. It's difficult to see, but there is lightening hitting his sword.
 Scaredy Cat
Scaredy Cat - Pencil 2B - HB, 11 X 8.5 Mar 2002 -The texture of a cat's fur is a fascinating thing to draw. Hours of grooming make it flow in a dynamic direction.
Leatherlady - Charcoal, 18 X 22 -It took about 20 hours of work, with 11 hours of it in a row. The folds in the leather are the focal point and the part that drove me nuts.
Kirby's Vengeance
Kirby's Vengeance - Ink, 14 X 14 -Inspired by the king of comics and the gods of metal.
Erpetogomphus Designatus
Erpetogomphus Designatus - Ink, 11 X 8.5 JAN 2003 -This is a dragonfly from the Texas region.
Valley of the Steel Worms
Valley of the Steel Worms - Pen & Ink, 11 X 8.5 DEC 2001 -This was a bizarre nightmare I had. In it, I was lost in this steel mess, carefully trying not to slip.