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Art has always been a passion for Derek Desormeaux. As a child, he was mentored by Richard Beland and who developed his painting, storytelling, and illustrative skills. It was also at this age that Derek became interested in comics. He was commissioned for his first painting at the age of 12 and later was hired to develop storyboards for a music video. Over the years he sold paintings and illustrations, designed software graphics and logos and drew a heaping pile of comics and cartoons. Eventually he attended Cambrian College which landed him a job at a major website development company. This experience gave Derek a larger insight into the website design industry and he decided to combine his illustration talents with website development.

Currently, Derek Desormeaux lives in Sudbury, Ontario. He freelances as a graphic designer offering services in logo and brand development, website and print design, illustration and painting. Recently, Derek has designed a website, t-shirts and an album cover for hip-hop group and a set of 80 icons for a 3D software company.

Besides Richard Beland, Derek credits his art influences to the following in no particular order: Jack Kirby, Barry Windsor-Smith, Moebius (Jean-Giraud), Robert Bateman, Bob Ross, Olivia De Berardinis, Frank Frazetta, Robert Crumb, H. R. Giger and Phillipe Druillet.

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